Mayoral Candidate Spotlight

Sean Vandevander is running for Louisville Metro Mayor.  I got the chance to speak with him at Louisville Pride briefly and while he is going to have a hard climb to the top of a crowded ballot with an incumbent mayor running again he has ideas that set him apart from the top candidates that may actually be more similar to the average voters.



It’s estimated that louisville would generate $20-50 Million in new tax revenue annually on the sales of medical marijuana. In addition, legalization will significantly decrease crime, opioid overdoses and other law enforcement expenses. The marijuana industry would create hundreds of new jobs in the city of Louisville.



There were over 1500 overdose deaths in Kentucky in 2017. States with safe access to cannabis have seen up to a 30% decrease in overdoses. The community and elected leaders need to be educated on the psychology of addiction and the failures of the existing system. While there are great organizations that are making an impact with treatment we need to do more and it requires a multi-faceted approach.



We will create transparent policies and encourage an environment of accountability and inclusion. There has been a long standing ‘good old boy’ system in Louisville government. The Mayor and Chief of Police have been covering up child sex abuse for years. Real estate deals and leases of city property favor political donors and are often acquired far below market value. Family and friends of council members or the Mayor should not benefit or profit off of the office.



Louisville demands affordable alternative energy. We can no longer sustain the environmental and health costs of our current energy policies. Louisville needs to increase recycling programs and combat the declining tree canopy while fostering new ideas to clean our air, water and soil.



Economic development is vital to every city, but not at the detriment of its taxpayers nor our infrastructure. Louisville needs roads, sewers and water lines. New sources of revenue will come from legal cannabis sales and will create hundreds of jobs. We will continue to foster strong relationships with our existing corporate entities while creating new policies that will attract companies and employees to our city.



We will support JCPS and the Jefferson County Teachers Association with a united voice in Frankfort. We will work to reduce the time students spend on buses and increase productivity in the classroom.



Food banks are under funded and short on supplies. We need more funding for programs like New Roots and others that seek to conquer food injustice in
the city.

There is demand for up to $500 Million for local foods and produce, yet several food deserts remain in the city leaving many of our residents without access to healthy foods.



West Louisville needs job opportunities and services on par with the rest of the
city. Studies show major economic and health disparities between West Louisville and other neighborhoods.

We will work with community leaders and shareholders in West Louisville to establish their own city council and governing body empowering growth and independence.



We will work with organizations and programs designed to increase employment and education opportunities for women, specifically in S.T.E.M. and politics. We will rebuild the Mayors Office for Women and increase it’s visibility in the community.



We will increase access to safe and affordable shelter for those in need while working to treat addiction and identify job placement opportunities.



We will continue to foster an environment of inclusion and equal rights for the growing LGBTQ community. Your voice will be heard from City Hall to the State Capitol.



We must look to engage our youth in new and innovative ways. I would create more funding for the performing arts, music and film production here in Louisville. Our creatives are talented and competitive
with the likes of Nashville and Atlanta. Louisville should embrace the changing entrepreneurial climate in order to attract, and retain young residents and business professionals in these growing industries.



TARC is short staffed and drivers are
frustrated due to changes in scheduling. Buses are often left littered and uncleaned at the end of the night which creates an unsanitary environment further deterring increase of ridership.

As Mayor we will study the potential for light-rail and further increasing ride share programs.



Our police force is short staffed and underfunded. The River City F.O.P voted
no confidence in their own Chief of Police following coverups and scandal. Law enforcement needs to know city leaders have their back. We will do a nationwide search for a new Chief of Police and keep them accountable for their actions.

Sean Vandevander’s supporters can find information on how to help his campaign. His site has suggestions to those who would like to see him in office, and beyond voting for him they are attainable goals people can manage.

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